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*Only Certified & Approved Unlocked 850/1900 MHz GSM phones, 3G or newer, are compatible with Airvoice Wireless service. You are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of your own phone.

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Android or iOS? It's your chioce

Airvoice Wireless gives you the option of choosing between the most popular phones on the market. No matter the platform you prefer, Android or iOS, Airvoice Wireless give you the freedom to pick the device that works best for you. Our pay as you go plans allow you to get the most affordable cellular phone plan within the smallest budget possible. Just because you want to save money does not mean you need to skimp on quality. Airvoice wireless brings you all plans on one of the nation's most reliable network. The only thing you lose when you go with Airvoice Wireless is a big monthly bill.

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UNLIMITED or Pay As You Go Plans

Airvoice Wireless offers four different pay as you go UNLIMITED plans to choose from. All Airvoice Wireless UNLIMITED plans include UNLIMITED Anytime Minutes, UNLIMITED Text Messages, MMS and International SMS.

  • $5.00 UNLIMITED 25 MB of Data
  • $20.00 UNLIMITED 100 MB of Data
  • $30.00 UNLIMITED 1 GB of Data
  • $50.00 UNLIMITED 5 GB of Data
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Nation's Most Reliable Network

Airvoice Wireless is proud to provide our customers with reliability that exceeds expectations. Airvoice Wireless uses the nation's largest network to help you connect with your friends, family and data. Our network supports an average of 325 million people with voice and data service. Airvoice Wireless customers use their pay as you go unlimited wireless plans to their fullest capabilities. With the nation's most reliable network and options of Airvoice Wireless pay as you go wireless cell phone unlimited plans, you can't go wrong.

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We understand You

For 17 years Airvoice Wireless has provided a US based customer service department to help connect with and understand our customers. We take pride in keeping our wait time under two minutes in order to keep your life moving. Our bilingual customer service staff are all housed in one department so you won't have to jump around from department to department looking for a solution. Airvoice Wireless prides itself on our nationwide coverage as well as making our services more accessible to our pre-paid cellular customer through our customer service that's a cut above the rest.

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