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Unlimited International Calling to 200+ Countries*
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No matter what you choose, all our plans include:

5G+ Nationwide Coverage on Our Blue Network

Experience lightning-fast speeds and expansive nationwide coverage with our 5G+ Blue Network. Stay connected anywhere in the country, ensuring a seamless and reliable mobile experience.

Unlimited International Calling to 200+ Countries

No more worrying about per-minute charges. Stay connected with your family and friends abroad, all without per-minute charges.

Unlimited Talk & Text

AirVoice Wireless likes to keep things simple, so all of our plans include unlimited talk and text to keep you connected to who and what matters most.

Free Wi-Fi Calling

Stuck with a weak signal but strong Wi-Fi? Make calls and texts using Wi-Fi instead of your cell service minutes. Great for avoiding roaming charges abroad too!

No Contracts and No Hidden Fees

Skip the upfront costs! Enjoy all our incredible advantages and only pay for what you use.

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Once your order is placed, your device or SIM card will be shipped to you within 3-4 business days. With free & fast shipping provided by AirVoice Wireless.

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Need to call internationally?

Unlimited calls to 80+ countries

Chat with loved ones worldwide & save! Enjoy free international calls on all AirVoice phone plans. For everything else, you'll still get convenience and amazing savings with Pay As You Go credit.