Port Your Number In

How to Use Your Existing Phone and Phone Number with AirVoice?

Many times customers want to use the same phone or phone number with AirVoice. Check out our information below to see how it works.

Are you bringing your own phone? 

The first step is to check to see if your phone is compatible with our service on this page. 

If your phone is compatible, you can then transfer your phone number to our service with the directions below.

How to Bring Your Phone Number to AirVoice?

You can bring your current phone number over to AirVoice Wireless. This is also called “porting in” your number. Unlike some other old-school carriers, AirVoice does not charge a fee for transferring your number.

We’ve also got a helpful video to walk you through it!
If you have questions, no worries. Simply call our Care team at (888) 944-2355 and they will walk you through it.
To use your existing phone number with an AirVoice phone, please follow the steps below:

1. An AirVoice Wireless refill card is required to begin service with us. We will only add the airtime once your account has been fully ported so that you can get the full amount of days for Talk & Text service. You will need a Non-Active AirVoice SIM Card and an AirVoice Refill Card in order for the port to complete which you can purchase here.

 2. Before submitting your port Request, locate or contact your current service provider to get the following information:
a. Your Account Number
b. The Pin or Password on your account
c. The Name and Address on your account

3. Once you have your correct Account information, you can submit a PORT IN request to AirVoice via the form below, or by calling Customer Service. You must provide an outside contact number (not your incoming phone number) so that AirVoice may contact you if additional information is required to complete your port. 

If you plan on purchasing a Refill via our website after the port is completed, Please specify “will add later” in the Refill Pin Field.

4. Your AirVoice wireless phone will not operate until your old service provider has confirmed the port. It can take anything from seven to ten business days for a port to be confirmed. Most transfers are completed in a few hours and should be completed within 48 hours. 

5. Once your number has been successfully transferred to AirVoice, we will send you a text and email confirmation. 

6. Once your port-in request is complete and your airtime has been added, you may place your AirVoice SIM card in your device and begin using your new service. 

7. Please be sure to power off your old device from your old service provider.
Once you have your correct account information from your old provider, please fill out the form below to get started!
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