Refill options for your Account

Out of minutes? Data? Texts? Airvoice Wireless Online Refill service makes it fast and easy to replenish your service with an option to automatically renew monthly to prevent missing your expired date. Renewing your service online is easy with AirVoice Wireless.

Whether you have an unlimited, pay-as-you-go, or $10 for 250 minute plan, simply put your phone number into the space provided or the BUY AIRTIME box in the upper right corner of the web page to check your service status and renew as needed. There’s no need to purchase a prepaid card and wait for it in the mail without service or go into a store and wait in line. Simply use your credit card online to pay for the service you want to renew and resume service today.

We also allow the option for automatic renewal so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay and losing service. Just have your credit card handy and follow the instructions once you enter your phone number.

For those who don’t have a credit card, we also allow for payment through Western Union. Click on the link below and follow the directions carefully to renew service.

If you don’t yet have service with AirVoice Wireless, check out the START SERVICE tab of our website to learn about transferring your current number, buying and activating a new sim card, and choosing a plan. To have service with AirVoice, you’ll need a GSM compatible phone, an activated sim card, and a purchased plan. Check out our plans to see which one works for you and if you need to change your current plan.

If you’re having trouble or need more information, check out our SUPPORT tab for information on things like unlocking phones and frequently asked questions. If you need further help renewing your service, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Our US-based customer service is ready and eager to help you through your problems get you back on your phone.

Instant Online Refill

Western Union

Don't have a credit card?
Walk into any Western Union locations, and refill your service.