Pay As You Go

*No nationwide long distance or roaming charges. Includes Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands. MMS, and Data also available - As low as $3.33 per month!
Card Value Bonus $ Amount Total $ Amount Per Minute Standard Minute Expiration
$10 N/A $10.00 10¢ 100 90 Days
$20 $1.00 $21.00 10¢ 210 120 Days
$30 $2.00 $32.00 10¢ 320 150 Days
$50 $5.00 $55.00 10¢ 550 180 Days
$100 $20.00 $120.00 10¢ 1200 365 Days

With a pay as you go cell phone plan, you pay for exactly the amount of minutes you use. Unlike cell phone plans which require monthly payments, pay as you go has an upfront payment for a certain amount of minutes, and then it’s up to you when and how you use them. Simply pay for your minutes and start using your pay as you go phone. Once you’ve used all your credit, all you have to do is purchase more minutes online at AirVoice Wireless. It’s as simple as that. Pay for what you use and not a penny more.

AirVoice Wireless pay as you go plans are not contractual, which means you can start and stop using you pay as you go phone whenever you want. It’s great for people who sometimes have moments where they use more or less minutes because there’s no monthly fee. Just be mindful of your minutes’ expiration date. Additionally, there are never an hidden overage charges or fees because you can’t go over your allotted minutes.

Our Pay as You Go plans allow you to get the most out of the minutes you pay for. At just $0.10 per minute, our plans fit any budget and allows you to talk when you need to. Additionally, the more you buy, the bigger the bonus. We offer free bonus minutes starting at the $20 plan with $1 in bonus minutes and moving all the way up to $20 of bonus minutes with our $100 plan. That means that for only $100 dollars, you will receive 1200 minutes to talk.

With a pay as you go phone, not a minute is wasted. For our $100 plan, your minutes don’t expire for a full year, which leaves you ample time to make those important calls.

Doing more than just calling? Well, with our pay as you go plans, you can also use text, MMS and data.



Text Messaging ($0.10 per message- sent/received)
Voicemail (standard airtime charges apply)
International Calling (contact customer service for rates)
MMS ($0.10 per message- sent/received)
International SMS: $0.10/message
International MMS: $0.10/message
Data: $0.0666/MB


Additional Charges

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEE: The fee is $1.00 per month, and is usually billed on the 8th day of the month. If your account has less than $1.00, your remaining balance will be depleted.



Dialing 411 directly from your Airvoice Handset will result in a charge of $2.65 for the first minute. All airtime used after that first minute is billed at $0.10 per minute. Airvoice Wireless recommends dialing a “toll-free” 411 service such as 1-800-FREE-411. These numbers provide directory assistance at a lesser charge of $0.10 per minute from your Airvoice Wireless Phone.