Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Believe the Hype, Mostly

Cell phones continue to be released, touting technological breakthroughs, user interface enhancements and better durability. You may ask yourself if these claims are true and if these differences are in fact worth getting a new phone. The short answer is yes, especially when considering the Samsung Galaxy S8 which, while having one key setback, is better than all previous Galaxy iterations and superior than anything else currently on the market. Frankly, it does everything better, including making phone calls, which, hey, you might do from time to time in between games and texts and apps on the crystal clear 5.8” screen. So how good is the Galaxy S8? Let’s find out.

General Impressions

-Hands On

It’s large, yet it feels fine in one hand, having just an 8mm thickness. Both sides of the phone have curved Gorilla Glass, which make it a treat to carry, but also a fragile treat. As for the Infinity Display, the high quality 2k resolution is immediately apparent, achieving intensely saturated colors and blacker blacks. What’s missing is the traditional home button, which has now been moved into the screen in the user interface. Not a problem until it comes time to use the fingerprint recognition button, which has been foolishly placed on the back of the phone near the camera lens, making it all to easy to rub your fingers over the lens and not the hardly perceptible fingerprint button.

-Taking it for a Spin

Capturing pictures and video is a breeze, resulting in stunning images. Voice calls work without fail. Navigating the user interface is intuitive and astonishingly quick. WiFi is reliable and easy. The battery life is acceptable, depending on screen brightness and video frame rates. The fast charging feature is fast and according to Samsung, the battery should keep its charge for a longer period of the phone’s life. The phone uses a micro-Sim card, located in an easily accessible side compartment, which is perfect for an Airvoice Wireless pay as you go plan.

Notable Features

-Wireless charging

-Qualcomm octa-core 2.45gHz processor

-2560x1440 pixel resolution

-eye scanner/fingerprint reader

-5.5oz weight

-12 Megapixel camera, 4k video, 1080p @60fps

What’s good

-The Technology

This is the epitome of what is possible in modern cell phones. All the technology works together seamlessly and intuitively, and most of all, quickly to give you the best experience currently available, hands down.

-The Display

The AMOLED display and optimized screen size come together to make movie-watching a dream. Pictures look bright and colorful. You can’t stop looking at the phone.

-Great Audio/Speakers

It makes clear calls due to the noise cancellation technology. It should also be noted that the speaker does a more than effective job of delivering clear and loud audio for the speakerphone function and fuller spectrum, natural sound when playing your favorite music.


If you drop the phone, which most of us will, try to do it in water, which won’t damage the phone, and won’t crack the glass.

What’s bad


No matter how protective and advanced (and good looking!) the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is, glass isn’t metal. Due to the fact that the curved glass is on both sides, this doubles the amount of scratches, smudges and possible cracks you can expect to encounter. On top of that, it’s slippery. Hold on tight! Or get a case.

-One Key Flaw

As mentioned before, the fingerprint scanner is right next to the camera. Literally right next to it. You will smudge the camera, without a doubt. Just use the eye scanner (which also works in the dark) or the traditional locking methods. It’s a shame that Samsung didn’t just put the fingerprint scanner in the middle, below the camera.

Final thoughts

New phones arrive every year, forcing us to consider if it’s worth our money and time to invest in these devices. The Samsung Galaxy S8 forces us even more aggressively to consider these factors. It’s well worth the high price tag (from $650 to $750), thanks to its sleek design, wonderful display, and advanced technology. However, if you’re keen on keeping the phone for the long haul, forget the fingerprint scanner, and get yourself a phone case. If you do, the phone will be functional and relevant for years to come.

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