Pay As you Go

Is Pay As You Go worth it?

There are really two main options when considering a cell phone plan: a long-term contract, often lasting up to 24 months, or a prepaid plan, commonly referred to as pay as you go. There are benefits to both. Prepaid options, through companies like Airvoice Wireless, are becoming more and more enticing and should be given a more in-depth look.

What is pay as you go?

Gas stations used to have us pay AFTER we pumped the gas, if you can remember that, which is the equivalent to a long-term cell phone contract. Nowadays we pay before we pump, or at least we swipe the credit card beforehand, which is more on par with a pay as you go phone. Simply put, you pay for a certain amount of data and minutes, and as you use your phone, the credit diminishes until there’s nothing left, at which point your cell phone service ceases to work. Before that happens, you can purchase more credit online through carriers like Airvoice Wireless or other participating websites and stores.

What’s good

-Cut the ties

First of all, there’s no contract. You can start and stop whenever you want. Additionally, you can change the amount that you want to spend without entering into a new 24 month contract. Have a month where you don’t need your prepaid phone as much? Just purchase a smaller amount of credit for that month. Need a plan with more data? Do it on the fly. Airvoice Wireless offers all the benefits of a no contract plan through their pay as you go phone plans.

-Save money

As mentioned above, the flexibility with the pay as you go model lets you decide how much you want to spend so that you can take advantage of flexible cell phone usage. Additionally, you can’t use too much data or too many minutes and rack up a giant bill, which is perfect for parents trying to limit the amount their kids use devices. Additionally, all Airvoice Wireless pay as you go plans include data.

-Quality networks

Many pay as you go phones plans like the ones offered through Airvoice Wireless use the same network with the same bandwidth as the larger poviders. That means that you use the same network without the large monthly bill.

What’s bad

-Full price phone

With contracts, there is often rebates and reduced prices for phones, knowing that you’ll stick with them and pay the monthly charge for 2 or more years. That’s not the case with pay as you go. HOWEVER, there are now options with pay as you go phones that allow users to lease a phone for a reasonable monthly fee. So it’s really not that expensive. And if you are at the end of a contract, it’s frequently possible to bring your old phone over to the pay as you go format without purchasing a new phone.

So, is pay as you go worth it?

Yes. It makes a lot of sense. You get exactly what you pay for, there aren’t hidden fees and there never will be. You don’t need to plead with a customer service representative if your service doesn’t work, you just buy some more credit on your phone or choose the unlimited data plan. It’s customizable. It’s simple. It’s worry free. So, yes, pay as you go is definitely worth it. Check out some more pay as you go options that Airvoice Wireless offers including their 250 Voice Minutes or 500 text message plan for only $10 a month.

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