About us

About Airvoice Wireless

Company Overview:

Airvoice Wireless is a leading prepaid wireless carrier that provides cellular service within the United States. With headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, MI, our company operates independently; utilizing digital, nationwide GSM technology. Our mission is to provide dependable wireless service to our customers at an affordable price along with outstanding customer service. Founded in 1999, Airvoice Wireless originally only existed on the US West Coast with a limited coverage area. Today, with a strong GSM network and dedicated team, Airvoice Wireless provides service to a large subscriber base, adding more each day. The company holds an impressive share in the prepaid wireless market, with agents and customers in over 40 states, as well as in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Our mission

Airvoice Wireless Mission

To Our Customers:

While providing quality phone service, Airvoice Wireless’ mission is to enhance and simplify the wireless experience for our customers. We aim to provide our customers with outstanding cellular service at an affordable rate while offering superb customer and technical support. Airvoice Wireless is one of the few companies that still practice the philosophy of quality customer support. In fact, customer service is what sets Airvoice apart from the many other prepaid providers.


Customer Service Agent

To Our Agents:

Airvoice Wireless believes that competition in a market economy should be carried out in an ethical way. We strive for continuous performance improvement and constantly measure, review and report our performance in the market. We are committed to providing the greatest possible return for our business partners and delivering the best service and reliable products to our shared customers. Our partnerships are not developed only to benefit our company, but to enrich and enhance both investors while continuing our dedicated support to our customers. These business principles not only apply to us, but we promote the same among all of our business partners and resellers.

Airvoice track record

Over 20 years of excellent service.

Larger coverage area than most prepaid carriers

All plans widely affordable

Broad GSM phone selection

U.S. based customer service

No different departments– every representative is trained on all levels of service

Bilingual staff

Customer service is located in company headquarters