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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Believe the Hype, Mostly

Cell phones continue to be released, touting technological breakthroughs, user interface enhancements and better durability. You may ask yourself if these claims are true and if these differences are in fact worth getting a new phone. The short answer is yes, especially when considering the Samsung Galaxy S8 which, while having one key setback, is better than all previous Galaxy iterations and superior than anything else currently on the market. Frankly, it does everything better, including making phone calls, which, hey, you might do from time

Pay As you Go

Is Pay As You Go worth it? There are really two main options when considering a cell phone plan: a long-term contract, often lasting up to 24 months, or a prepaid plan, commonly referred to as pay as you go. There are benefits to both. Prepaid options, through companies like Airvoice Wireless, are becoming more and more enticing and should be given a more in-depth look. What is pay as you go? Gas stations used to have us pay AFTER we pumped the gas, if you can remember that, which is the equivalent to a long-term cell phone contract. Nowaday

How to install Sim Card

Phones are complex, but thankfully, installing a SIM card nowadays does not have to be. It all depends on what kind of phone you have, which determines what kind of SIM card you need and how exactly the installation process works.   What kind of phone do I have? Depending on your phone manufacturer and even model type, the location, access, and size of the SIM card can change. -iPhones and Galaxy S8 These phones have a small access tray that is released by pushing in a paper clip or similar tool that comes with the phone into a small

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