SIM Card Activation

Get your SIM as part of a plan purchase? Login to your account to activate your SIM.

Activating a new sim card is easy. Below you will find the simple steps to activate your sim card and select the plan that fits your needs. Be sure to have the credit card sized plastic card that came with your new or existing sim card handy as it contains the new sim card number for activation. If you don’t have that card, look directly on the sim card for this information and write it down. If you don’t yet have a sim card, simply purchase one from Airvoice Wireless with free shipping.

To start, make sure to properly install the sim card into your device BEFORE activating the sim card, which means putting the sim card back into your phone if you took it out to access the sim card number. IPhones and Galaxy S8 phones both have a tray that releases with a paperclip while most all other phones have their sim cards located inside the phone, behind the battery. Pay attention as sim cards come in three different sizes (standard, micro, and nano sim), all of which are available with the Airvoice Wireless 3 in 1 triple cut sim card. If you have an existing sim card that you will be using with a different device, be sure that it fits that device. You may have to purchase an adapter or simply purchase a new Airvoice Wireless sim card as resizing sim cards yourself is not recommended. Most newer phones use the nano sim card. Keep in mind that in order to activate the sim card, your phone must be a certified and approved unlocked 850/1900 MHz GSM phone, 3G or newer.

Once activated, you will receive a new phone number within moments. If, however, you would like to transfer over a pre-existing phone number, be sure to visit our Transfer Number In link under the Start Service tab BEFORE activating your Airvoice Wireless sim card and starting service.

Once you have your new number, you can now buy airtime for your corresponding service plan.

*Only Certified & Approved Unlocked 850/1900 MHz GSM phones, 3G or newer, are compatible with Airvoice Wireless service. You are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of your own phone.