$10 250 Minute Plan

$10 Airvoice Wireless Plan

Includes up to 250 Voice Minutes or 500 Text Messages

Whether you are searching for one of the best cell phone plans with no contract, a cheap phone plan to save money, or a simple cell phone service without all the extras, AirVoice has what you need. We offer an unbeatable 250 minutes for only $10. Don’t settle for plans that seem cheap and easy but end up costing a fortune at the end of the month. With AirVoice Wireless’ $10 plan, there’s no contract, no hidden fees, and you can purchase more minutes and text messages whenever you need them. It’s a cheap phone plan for apple and android phones alike. Pay only $10 and you receive either 250 minutes of airtime with AirVoice Wireless, or 500 text messages. It’s a perfect plan for those who don’t need as much data but still want to stay in touch. Talk, text, and pay a ridiculously low price of only $10. Service lasts 30 days, at which point you can simply purchase the plan again and have cheap monthly cell phone service to stay connected with friends and family for as long as you need.

Additionally, our simple pricing makes it easy to add on to this plan if you ever need to send more messages, use more airtime, or add some data for downloads. There’s no need to purchase a new plan. Just pay for the additional features that you use.

To get started, you’ll need to activate your phone with AirVoice Wireless. The first step is purchasing a sim card, which is available for purchase from AirVoice Wireless with free shipping. Once it arrives, activate the sim card by following the easy steps on our website. Use your new AirVoice Wireless cell phone number or transferred number on the website to purchase the $10 for 250 minutes plan and you’ll be ready in no time to make calls and send messages without breaking the budget. It’s cheap cell phone service made simple.

Includes up to 250 Voice Minutes or 500 Text Messages

*No Nationwide long distance or roaming charges. Includes Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands. MMS, SMS and Data also available.
Anytime Minutes $.04 per minute
Text Messages $.02 per message
Data $.066 per MB
MMS $.10 per message
International SMS $.10 per message
International MMS $.10.per message